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A couple of helpful things for peapod developers that we’ve added in the last month or so.

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  1. timetrap Says:

    Oh man, thanks so much for making a podcatcher that works . . . I just spent half the night trying to find a combo for my new ubuntu install and my 1st gen nano . . . ipodder, gpodder, yamipod . . . none of them are quite ready yet, although they look pretty, I think the devs didn’t foucs on getting them to work with the ipod.

    So now my setup is a peapod install (on cron) with gtkpod watching the folder they are downloaded into.

    BTW for all of the other ubutu users out there the command line is as follows:

    $ sudo apt-get install svn python-urlgrabber
    $ svn svn co
    $ cd peapod
    $ cd trunk
    $ python2.5

    python 2.5 will be installed when you apt-get urlgrabber!!

    python rocks so hard it hurts my teeth.

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