peapod 0.5 apples and oranges

There have been lots of developments in peapod-land over the last month or so. We have several new developers on board and it seems likely that peapod development will speed up in the next few months. So without further ado here is peapod-0.5

New Features

  • Downloads are cached. This allows downloads to recommence on the next run following problems. This is especially useful on busy feeds that experience frequent HTTP time-outs.
  • Now supports copying podcasts to iPods supported by libgpod. –synciPod from commandline. Location of mounted iPod can be set by –ipodpath=/path/to/ipod or by setting <ipodpath> in .peapod/peapod.xml

Bug Fixes

  • HTTP headers are not recorded when the podcast fails to download. This allows us to try again on the next run
  • Better docstring coverage in the source code
  • Better unicode handling in tagging code


Peapod-0.5.tar.gz (local)

Peapod-0.5.tar.gz (Sourceforge)

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