Peapod 0.113 – Smoothing Rough Edges

New Features

  • Now using GUID as well as filename to make download decisions. This speeds the process up slightly and makes us less vulnerable to filename collisions.
  • New media types are recognised: m4v,mp4,aac,m4a
  • <savestyle>none</savestyle> saves podcasts directly into savedir without adding a date or feed directory. Allows several feeds to be saved into a single directory.

Bug Fixes

  • –forgetnew got broken a couple of releases ago. This has now been fixed.
  • Bittorent code has been changed so that multiple threads can download using bittorrent. Previously you may have seen the message ‘RawServer object has no attribute pending_sockets’ when trying to download multiple podcasts over bittorrent.

Download Here.

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