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If you want to help out with Peapod there are a number of things you can do.


Submit a patch to the mailing list. If you want SVN access just ask and we’ll send you a login. You might find it helpful to check out the module documentation. Check the mailing list archives to see what problems people have been talking about. There is also a todo file containing a list of things we’d do if we had the time.


The documentation is severely lacking. Any help here would be massively appreciated. Something as simple as writing down what all the command-line flags and peapod.xml options do would be a great start. Ask and we can give you a login to to add to the docs.

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  1. Allan Metts Says:

    For some reason, I was ending up with line breaks in my feed.log file, which caused “index out of range” errors when I next ran the application — because some of the tokens in the feed entry were ending up on the next line.

    I fixed my issue by making three changes to Peapod/ (essentially just adding string.strip() whereever the url was written in the feed.log file):

    self.feedlog = “%s||None||None\n” % ( self.url )
    self.feedlog = self.feedlog + “%s||%s||%s\n” % ( self.url, feed_etag, feed_modified )
    self.feedlog = self.feedlog + “%s||%s||%s\n” % ( self.url, self.feedLogDict[self.url][“e-tag”], self.feedLogDict[self.url][“modified”] )

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