Peapod is a powerful and easy to use command-line tool for downloading podcasts. It’s written in Python and uses Mark Pilgrim’s excellent feedparser library to understand atom and RSS feeds. While Peapod has primarily been developed on linux it should work on any unix-like operating system.


  • Downloads via HTTP or Bittorrent
  • Options can be configured per feed
  • ID3 and Ogg tags can be re-written according to your rules to help organise your podcast collection
  • Can launch an external command for each Podcast downloaded
  • Podcasts stored by feed or by date according to user preferences
  • Can download more than one feed at a time
  • Silent by default for use in cron jobs

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  1. Chris Says:

    Hats off to the producers of this excellent podcatcher. I tried many potential candidates with Peapod being one of the few that worked as it should. The rewriting of ID3 tags (essential with Podcasts) works like a charm – pay attention to the dependencies and ignore the “popen2 module is deprecated” comment when running.

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