Peapod 0.7.1 – you want docs with that?

Bug Fixes

  • Released with documentation included this time.


3 Responses to “Peapod 0.7.1 – you want docs with that?”

  1. chad Says:

    Wow, I was about ready to write my own RSS parsing SQLite based Python podcatcher but I think using this will be good enough.

    Finally a podcatcher I can run as a cronjob that configures in a sensible way and isn’t written in bash!

  2. Jim Hughes Says:

    Having moved from an elderly Debian server to a shiny new Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) one I’ve run into a Python 2.4 problem. With version 2.4, xml.sax.saxutils.DefaultHandler no longer exists, xml.sax.saxutils.handler.ContentHandler seems to work as a replacement – I’ve not tested too hard, but so far so good.

    Hat tip to Greg Bodnar for pointing me at the solution –

  3. Huw Says:

    Funnily enough I fixed that very issue. Someone else reported it to me. SVN contains the fixed version.

    I’ll put it out as a release later in the week.

    note to self: check comment moderation queue more frequently

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