peapod 0.157 – atomic energy

New Features

  • Basic functionality now works in Microsoft Windows. No bittorrent or tagging support at the moment.
  • Podcasts using Atom feeds can now be subscribed to.
  • –title=”My Feed Title” allows you to specify a title when adding a new feed. This gets round the bug caused by feed urls containing commas.

Bug Fixes

  • m4a files were being corrupted by tag re-writing.
  • lots of pychecker warnings removed.
  • hacker voice radio failed to download due to files ending in .MP3 not .mp3


Peapod-0.157.tar.gz (local)

Peapod-0.157.tar.gz (Sourceforge)

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  1. Naxxtor Says:

    Ah, sorry about that. We should really get to standard! 🙂

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