Peapod 0.124 – Lingua Franca

New Features

  • –addnew will now pull the title out of the RSS feed if it’s not given on the command-line. So you can now do --addnew=http://some/feed.xml

    rather than --addnew=http://some/feed.xml,titlestring

    but if a title is given on the command-line it will be preffered to the one from the RSS feed.

  • –addnew will now import from OPML files. It can import the file from a local path or a URL so both --addnew=http://some/opml.xml 

    and --addnew=/tmp/opml.xml 

    will work

  • –export will dump your feeds to OPML on standard out. To create on OPML file of your feeds do --export > /path/to/your/opml.xml

Bug Fixes

  • Yet more tweaks to the logic for handling broken pubDates
  • bittorrent feeds that set application/x-bittorrent but dont have torrent files ending in .torrent are now understood
  • –getall and –getallglobal now bypass conditional download

Download Here

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